This language learning app lasts for life, and it’s marked down to $139.97 for Memorial Day

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Learning a language takes time. Mastering your first language may have taken a few years, so it’s reasonable to expect it to take a good long time if you want to become fluent in a second or third.

For some language learning apps, that means years of monthly payments, so you can either rush through the material to keep costs low or take your time and sit with the hefty investment.

Or you can just get a lifetime subscription to Babbel, which comes with quick and practical lessons for 14 different languages. Plus, that lifetime subscription just had its price drop for Memorial Day, so instead of paying $599, you can get it for just $139.97!

Babbel isn’t just another app that makes you memorize words in another language. It was developed by over 100 expert linguists to help you learn and retain a new language, and that doesn’t have to happen by sitting down in a classroom.

Instead, Babbel leads you through concise 10-15 minute lessons on real-world topics like dining, shopping, making friends, and business. There’s even speech recognition technology to help you learn to speak like a local!

Retaining a new language can be tough, especially if you don’t speak it or hear it every day. That’s why Babbel has personalized review sessions to help you re-run through everything you’ve learned.

This subscription gives you access to 14 different languages, and you can study as many of them as you want. Practice French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, and more. Master one or master all of them (though you can only learn one at a time!). The time is yours.

This lifetime subscription doesn’t have any hidden fees, and you can use it on unlimited mobile or desktop devices. The only requirement is that you’re a new user in the US. Updates are even included!

A lifetime subscription means there’s no rush to become fluent in Spanish before your next payment.

Until May 28 at 11:59 p.m. PT, you can get a lifetime subscription to Babbel for $139.97. No coupon needed!

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